A sliver of light

A sliver of light makes the darkness cower.

It was August 21st 2017 and we were eagerly waiting for the total solar eclipse. We had driven 6 hours to visit friends in Nebraska who were in the perfect location to see the whole thing. It was a huge gathering of ranchers and cowboys and well, us. ATV’s and trucks and horses ventured into to hills of the ranch property that spans thousands of acres. Children climbed on the truck beds and there was a noticeable level of excitement in the air.

All of us wearing those ridiculous looking glasses so that we wouldn’t hurt our eyes, laughing at ourselves.

The waiting seemed to go on forever. Finally we noticed a sliver of the sun being hidden, then more and more. Through the glasses we could tell that the eclipse was in process, although with out the glasses all seemed the same.

It wasn’t until the last tiny sliver of the sun was being covered that things began to change around us. It seemed like a sunset at like 11:30am (I don’t remember the exact time). The wind picked up, a shadow seemed to fall across the fields until it reached us and beyond. The dogs and horses got nervous and started making noise, acting restless. The temperature dropped like 15 degrees (if not more) in just minutes. Then it was dark. It was chilling, beautiful and thrilling.

Then after just a few minutes, it was over. I looked at the sun, expecting the eclipse to be completely over based on how light it was. To my amazement, 90% or more of the sun was still covered. Yet it looked like middle of any other day, or at least close.

I remember feeling of awe at our marvelous Creator. The light of Christ is like this sun. All it takes is a tiny sliver, and the darkness flees in it’s presence. Light will always win. Light holds the victory, in it’s presence darkness cannot stand.

Jesus calls us to be His light. We need not fear the darkness because His light in us will shine bright and guide us.

I spent many years in the dark. I had Christ in me, I sought His face, but my world was dark. I lived in fear of this darkness. There are still times that it tries to make me cower.

When I chose to leave the darkness, that is when the sliver of light started to shine. It shone into every corner of heart and soul. I felt His presence and His guidance and His warmth. It revealed my pain, my sin, my pride, my hopelessness. I was not able to face these things while in the darkness, I needed to stand in the light.

Light is powerful, revealing and true. And light wins.

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